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Meniscus injuries are often seen in athletes because of a sports injury and represent approximately 15% of all cases sports injuries. In the modern era, rehabilitation after sports injury has become a domain for specialists, and its evolution has necessarily brought together the including medical doctor, orthopedic surgeon, biomechanical experts, physiotherapist, strength and conditioning coach, and sport nutritionist. The interdisciplinary team continues to provide more combined knowledge and skill, clinical expertise, sensitivity, compassion and understanding for individuals with disabilities or injuries. The individual team members each bring a unique perspective and expertise to the collective planning of the group. But them shares similar goals for the patients.

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Guideline for APC 2022 International Symposium:

International Symposium Guideline

Expert Session: Medical Approaches and Perspectives for Sport Injury

Expert Session: Sport Physiotherapy, Sport Science, Sport Nutrition Approaches and Perspectives


August 14th, 2022


Virtual by Zoom conference and live streaming You Tube


All session in international symposium seminar can be attended free of charge but registration is required